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Check the compatibility of your device with before ordering.
As manufactures use different components and firmware for the same device model, depending on region, operator and other factors, one device may be compatible and another may not be compatible. To check if your own device is compatible, simply download the free APP from the Playstore and check compatibility before you order. CARD : 14-Days Return for Refund Guarantee
If you are not 100% satisfied with our Card, send us the Card back and we will refund the value of the Card. For more details, check our Return for Refund Policy.

Know Your Customer (KYC)
In order to use the card, you need to register with your personal or company data when you first start the APP in accordance with German and European regulations.

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Available Options Card Specifications
Active eSIMsOne at a time (1)
Supported devicesAny compatibel Samsung
eSIM StorageUp to 10 eSIM profiles
DUAL eSIMNot supported
Included CardsOne Card (1)

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Equip your Asus smartphone with the Card and start downloading eSIM profiles online!

Easy installation
Simply insert the Card in the SIM card slot of your Asus smartphone, download the free APP from the Playstore and you are ready to start!

eSIM works in every country
eSIM is the new SIM Card standard and works in every country.
The digital SIM Cards are called eSIM profiles and can be downloaded online.

Store up to 10 eSIM profiles
The Card can store up to 10 eSIM profiles. Use the APP to switch between them.

Always find the best eSIM plans
Compare eSIM plans online, buy eSIMs and download profiles instantly!

Add value to your Asus smartphone and do good for the environment
With the Card you add eSIM functionality to your existing Asus smartphone, prolonging its life cycle by years. By downloading eSIM profiles, you avoid plastic waste, production and transportation related CO2 emissions, and become a hero to our planet.


The Card can store up to 10 eSIM profiles and will work only with Asus devices!

If you wish an Card that can store up to 15 eSIM profiles and will work with any Android device, then please order the Card for Android.

Android smartphones are able to download, manage and read eSIM profiles, while other mobile devices can read the active eSIM profile on the Card previously downloaded and activated on a compatible Android smartphone. A full Android Variant is required, thus “Android Go”, “Android One” and other “light” Versions do not have the necessary features to support the Card. Most Android devices with version 9 and higher support Many smartphones support from Android version 7.

Please contact us before you order if unsure about the compatibility of your Android smartphone.

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Key Informations

Good for the environment
Good for the environment
Less physical Sim cards means less plastic.
Money back guarantee
Money back guarantee
Check our Return for Refund Policy.
Easy installation
Easy installation
Few steps to start downloading eSIMs.

Is my smartphone supported by

Download the APP to run the “compatibility check”.

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