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The Blogger 16 Aug 0 3822
4    Becoming a partner of eSIMWith we want to change the world of telecommunications sustainably. The nationwide primary use of eSIM technology should take place as soon as possible and not in 2025 or later.Our project is very ambitious and ..
The Blogger 15 Aug 0 3762
3    eSIM Profiles ( Store)The Card naturally only works with eSIM profiles. In the following section you will find the Store. Here you can find eSIM profiles. Since we are not the sole seller of all eSIM profiles world..
The Blogger 15 Aug 0 2704
2 AdvantagesThe new global SIM standard of eSIM and the associated technological possibilities deliver all owners of eSIM-compatible end devices many groundbreaking advantages!Our card increases the number of eSIM-compatible smartp..
The Blogger 15 Aug 0 1083
1    Technical aspects of the is a real technical innovation with the potential to revolutionize global telecommunications within a very short time!In terms of technology history, there has never been something like is no l..
The Blogger 15 Aug 0 3274
You probably heard about the new eSIM standard,which allows you to always find the best tariff online and instantly download the SIM cards directly onto your smartphone.You badly want eSIM, but your smartphone does not support it.Not only yours, but ..
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All you need to know
Browse our knowledge base and take off into the eSIM world.

An eSIM is a SIM Card, permanently embedded into new smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Physical SIM Cards are replaced by "Virtual SIM Cards", called eSIM profiles, that can be downloaded from the internet.

The Card is a new technology that makes your existing smartphone compatible with eSIM.

Yes, the APP is absolutely free. We recommend you to download it from Playstore and check if your device is compatible with before you order an card.

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