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Frequently Asked Questions

1 - eSIM Technology

An eSIM is a SIM Card, permanently embedded into new smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Physical SIM Cards are replaced by "Digital SIM Cards", called eSIM profiles, that can be downloaded from the internet.

An eSIM-compatible device gives you the freedom to instantly download to your mobile device pre-paid and post-paid eSIM profiles of any mobile operator, anywhere in the world. No shipping needed.

Yes, you can do this with Thanks to the Card, Android smartphones can download, manage and read eSIM profiles. Other mobile devices can at least read the active eSIM profile on the Card.

2 - The Card

The Card looks exactly like a SIM Card, even fits into the same SIM Card slot, but integrates the eSIM technology that a normal SIM Card cannot offer.

The Card is a new technology that makes your existing smartphone compatible with eSIM.

No it doesn't. The Card only offers eSIM technology and does not contain any pre-installed eSIM profiles. The user is free to either buy a new eSIM profile from a mobile operator of his choice or to convert his existing subscription into an eSIM profile. This can be done simply by contacting the current mobile operator.

No, there is no monthly fee. You only pay the purchase price once.

Replace your SIM Card with the Card and download the APP for free from the Google Play Store. You can now upload your first eSIM profile to your Card. Ask a mobile operator to provide you with the QR-Code to their eSIM profile. Once you have received it, open the APP, click “Add” and choose your preferred installation method.

Download the APP for free from the Google Play Store. As soon as you have the QR-Code for your eSIM profile (any provider in the world can provide you with an QR-Code to their eSIM profile), open the APP and click on "+".
The APP offers three options to complete the process of uploading the eSIM profile to your new Card:

- Scan QR code: Allow the APP to scan the printed QR code with your phone's camera to download the eSIM profile.

- Download a QR code image: allow the APP to access your gallery, select the image with the QR code and download the eSIM profile.

- Enter the QR code manually: each QR code corresponds to a number. Therefore, you can manually add the QR code number of your new eSIM profile in the APP.

You are free to choose how you want to install / download your eSIM profiles.

Contact your network operator, tell them that you own an eSIM-compatible device and ask for the QR-Code of your existing subscription.
Once you got the QR-Code, open the APP and click “+”. Choose one among the options available (scan a QR-Code, photo gallery, enter manually) to download your eSIM profile to your Card and follow the instructions to activate the eSIM profile.

Yes, it does. uses an international standard that works in any country in the world. If you have specific questions or experience some issues, please contact us.

3 - The APP

Yes it is. As soon as your Card is inserted, you can use the APP to download and manage the eSIM profiles. You can download the APP for free from the Google Play.

No, you don‘t have to activate it. The APP will work as soon as you insert an Card.

You can download the APP for free from the Google Play.

The APP allows you to download, store and manage eSIM profiles on your Android smartphone. You can store up to 15 eSIM profiles on a single Card.
This is an ideal solution for those who need multiple sims. On the same device you can store and access both your private and business eSIM profiles or you can add a local eSIM profile to your usual one when traveling around the world.
Your eSIM profiles are always with you wherever you are and can be activated with a simple click. Only one eSIM profile can be active at a time.

4 - eSIM Profiles

Once you get the QR-Code related to your eSIM profile from the network operator, go to the APP, click "+" and follow the steps.
Please refer to “How to install an eSIM profile to the Card” for details.

A list of all your available eSIM profiles is displayed on the “main screen” of the APP. Press the “switch” toggle on the left side of the eSIM profile you want to access and follow the messages on your display. The phone might reboot and ask you a pin code.

For more information refer to:

- Why does my phone need to reboot when I switch to a new eSIM profile?
- By switching to a new eSIM profile, you virtually insert a SIM card to your phone. Some smartphones need to reboot to be able to use the virtual SIM Card.
(See below for further details).

- Do I need a PIN to active my eSIM profile?
A PIN code is an additional security feature of your mobile operator. Some mobile operators choose to use a PIN code, while others do not.

1. Open the APP.
2. Tap on the three-button menu on the right of the eSIM profile you want to delete.
3. Confirm that you want to delete the eSIM profile. The eSIM profile will be removed irreversibly from the card forever.

A list of all downloaded and available eSIM profiles is displayed on the “main screen” of the APP.

No, you cannot. You can have only one eSIM profile active per Card at the time.

If you have a dual SIM smartphone with two SIM Card slots, each of which is equipped with an Card and at least one active eSIM profile each, a total of two eSIM profiles can be active at the same time.

At the top of the APP, each Card is labelled with the name of the SIM Card slot e.g. “SIM1” and “SIM2”, depending on the smartphone.
Tap on the SIM Card slot to choose which Card you want to manage.

Depending on the manufacturer of your smartphone, it may be necessary for you to reboot the phone to recognise the newly activated eSIM profile, as it corresponds to a “virtual” SIM Card inserted.
This happens also when a physical SIM Card is inserted.

The confirmation code of the eSIM profile is an additional code that needs to be entered  before the QR-Code can be used. This authorises the download of the eSIM profile.

No, they don’t. It depends if your network operator wishes to additionally protect the download of a provided QR-Code with a confirmation code.

You might need it. This depends on the network operator that has provided you with the QR-Code to download the eSIM profile.

All new technology needs some time to hit the market, just like 3G, 4G LTE and 5G.It is a matter of time until all network operators will support a certain technology, but eventually they will.

5 - Marketplace

You are free to purchase eSIM profiles from any provider of your choice, but please understand that we can only provide support for the eSIM profiles purchased through our eSIM Marketplace: 

The rule is simple:
The provider of the eSIM profile must also provide the support.

6 - I already have an eSIM compatible Android smartphone

Devices with built-in eSIM compatibility and a free SIM card slot, can install an Card into that spare slot and gain DUAL eSIM functionality.

Any device with two free SIM card slots, can install two Cards and also gain DUAL eSIM functionality.

Devices with built-in eSIM-compatibility store the eSIM profiles on a non-removable, embedded eSIM chip.
By adding an Card to the SIM Card slot, these devices can store the eSIM profiles in a removable eSIM chip. This makes it easy to move to other devices, like moving a SIM Card.

7 - - Supported smartphones

To find out whether your Android smartphone can be equipped with eSIM compatibility:

Please download the APP from the Google Playstore under

At launch, the APP will check if your device is compatible or not and if compatible, which SIM card slots are supported.

If it is compatible, you can buy this Card.

In some cases, it may not yet be compatible but a Software update may provide compatibility, so check if an Android Software update is available for your device.

Android smartphones are able to download, manage and read eSIM profiles thanks to the Card; while other mobile devices can at least read the active eSIM profile on the Card.

A full Android Variant is required, thus “Android Go”, “Android One” and other “light” Versions do not have the necessary features to support the Card.

Most Android devices with version 9 and higher support Devices from Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi even support from Android version 7!

No, it is not. Currently there are no plans of an APP for iOS devices. The APP necessary to download and manage the eSIM profiles of an Card is available only for Android.
However, users of iOS devices can use an Card to read the active eSIM profile previously downloaded and activated on an Android smartphone.

No, it is not. Currently there are no plans of an APP for Windows Laptops or other mobile devices.
The APP necessary to download and manage the eSIM profiles of an Card is available only for Android.
However, users of such mobile devices can use an card to read the active eSIM profile previously downloaded and activated on an Android smartphone.

8 - Questions about my order

You can cancel or edit an existing order only if no shipping label has yet being created.

Yes, you can request to return your Card for a refund if you are not 100% satisfied with our card. You have 14 days to do so. Shipping costs are not refundable.

To prevent fraudulent activities, e.g. after a theft, we can block an card from administration through the APP.

9 - Shipping

We ship worldwide with exception of the countries that are sanctioned or prohibited by ruling laws.

We ship during business hours from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. CET, except on German Bank holidays.

If the goods are available in stock, we will ship within 24 hours after the order is placed and the payment is verified.

Delivery dates are only rough estimates and actual delivery can take much longer.

Shipping can take from a few working days up to 8 weeks, depending on the destination.

Express shipping is also available in certain countries, for a higher fee. If you need the Card faster, please book express shipping.

10 - Known Issues

On Android 13, NEVER disable the SIM Slot that holds the Card
Doing so will render the currently active eSIM profile to be not available!

From Android 11 and newer, Android assigns a CardID to every SIM card inserted in the phone and “remembers” what the setting of that SIM card was, including its status (Enabled/Disabled).

Android OS 13 can handle eSIM profiles. As eSIM Profiles are "digital" version of a SIM Card, they also get an CardID assigned.
So each eSIM profile gets its CardID, including its status.

When you (think to) disable a SIM Slot, what actually Android does is to set the status of that CardID to "disabled".

Unfortunately, Android is then unable to set the status back to "enabled" again. This is an Android BUG.

So it will remember it was disabled and you will not be able to access that CardID, eSIM Profile.

You have the following options:

a) Install new eSIM profiles or switch to installed eSIM profiles.
ONLY use the APP to enable/disable an eSIM Profiles.

As long as you do not set them to "disabled" in the system settings, by (thinking to) disabling the SIM Slot, they will work.

b) Reset your phone to factory settings, that will clear the “list” of the statuses of the CardIDs.

c) If your phone is rooted, you can follow this guideline a user created, to manually enable the SIM cards in the Android list:

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