You probably heard about the new eSIM standard,
which allows you to always find the best tariff online and instantly download the SIM cards directly onto your smartphone.
You badly want eSIM, but your smartphone does not support it.
Not only yours, but most of today’s latest smartphones don’t support eSIM.
Buying a new phone that does is not only very expensive but also bad for the environment.
Now, wouldn’t it be great to equip your existing smartphone with eSIM for the fraction of the costs
and do your wallet and the planet a favor at the same time?
Meet the world's first eSIM Card,
making your upgrade to eSIM as easy as changing a SIM Card.
Just swap your existing SIM Card with,
download the free APP from the Playstore
and start downloading SIM cards online, just by scanning QR-Codes

it's that simple!

Order your eSIM Card at today and join the eSIM revolution!

Credits for the blog head image Katerina Limpitsouni