1    Technical aspects of the eSIM.me

eSIM.me is a real technical innovation with the potential to revolutionize global telecommunications within a very short time!
In terms of technology history, there has never been something like eSIM.me.
It is no longer necessary to buy a new smartphone with a permanently installed eSIM chip (eUICC) to use eSIM - thanks to eSIM.me!

1.1    eSIM.me Card is not a SIM-Card

The eSIM.me card is not a conventional SIM card!
In the eSIM.me card, the eSIM chip (eUICC) was embedded in a SIM card form factor and made compatible with mobile radio end devices using proprietary firmware. The eSIM.me card is therefore a mobile storage medium for eSIM profiles, which for practical reasons has the form of a SIM card. As a result, the eSIM.me card can be used super intuitively like a normal SIM card as a plug & play solution via the SIM card slot.

1.2    eSIM.me APP

The eSIM.me Card works as a full eUICC only in conjunction with the eSIM.me APP. Think of it like a computer: The eSIM.me card is the hardware and the eSIM.me APP is the associated software including the driver. The eSIM.me APP provides the so-called Local Profile Assistant (LPA), which is exactly that part of the operating system that is required to download an eSIM profile and write it on an an eUICC. In addition, the eSIM.me APP acts as an interface for operating the eSIM.me card. The QR code of the respective eSIM profile can be photographed, entered manually or read directly from the gallery in order to save the eSIM profile on the eSIM.me card. The different profiles can then be selected, renamed or deleted.

1.3    eSIM Revolution by eSIM.me

The global telecommunications industry is in the transition phase from physical SIM cards to eSIM technology. It must be guaranteed at all times that end users can use the mobile communications products so that a constant sales market remains. This gives rise to the current dilemma of the telecommunications industry:
The market share of smartphones that support the eSIM is still too small for the mobile network operator to make investments in the eSIM. This is all the more true for less developed countries. A circle of dependence grows out of this. If I, as an end consumer, do not take advantage of an eSIM offer, why should I buy an eSIM-capable device that is significantly more expensive than many other smartphones? As long as this circle is not broken, the huge advantages of eSIM will be withheld from a broad mass.
With the eSIM.me Card, Android smartphone owners worldwide have the opportunity to equip their existing smartphone with eSIM functionality for a small fee. The potential eSIM-compatible smartphone pool is thus expanded ad hoc by around 2 billion end devices. This creates enormous incentives for the industry and significantly accelerates the evolutionary transformation to eSIM - up to a real eSIM revolution with great advantages for all end users!

1.4    eSIM Upgrade = 100% eSIM

The most important feature of the eSIM.me card is undoubtedly the fact that a smartphone without any eSIM functionality gets upgraded to full eSIM functionality. Countless consumers can enter the eSIM age with the eSIM.me card without having to purchase a new, expensive smartphone. All Android smartphones from Android 7 can use this feature of the eSIM.me card without restrictions.
More than 10 eSIM profiles can be saved simultaneously on the eSIM.me card using the eSIM.me APP. The individual profiles can be managed in the eSIM.me APP. It is possible to select, rename and delete profiles.
The design of the eSIM.me card combines the best of both SIM worlds: All functions of the eSIM technology are fully supported and at the same time the eUICC, embedded in the SIM card form factor, can be used as flexibly as a normal SIM card. If an eSIM profile is selected on the eSIM.me card and the eSIM.me card is then inserted in a mobile phone that does not have the eSIM.me APP installed, the eSIM.me card works like a normal SIM card: The selected eSIM profile is recognized and read as a normal SIM card, regardless of whether it is the latest iPhone or an old Nokia, for example.
The eSIM.me card thus not only makes a contribution to the faster transition to eSIM technology in the present, but will also ensure that old cell phones can always be used in the eSIM-only future.

1.5    removable eSIM – solely with eSIM.me = 100% Flexibility

Originally, the eSIM profiles were captured in the eSIM-compatible smartphone on the permanently installed eUICC. Although smartphone manufacturers offer tools to transfer their data from the old to the new device, these are only suitable for permanent device replacement, e.g. when purchasing a new device.
With the eSIM.me card, all eSIM profiles can be transferred to other end devices - as quickly and easily as changing a SIM card.
This means that eSIM.me users remain 100% flexible.

1.6    dual eSIM – solely with eSIM.me

You have certainly heard of the dual SIM. With the dual SIM technology, it is possible to use two SIM cards simultaneously, so that you can, for example, be called on both phone numbers at the same time. The vast majority of eSIM-compatible smartphones also have dual-SIM compatibility. There is usually a physical SIM card slot and a permanently installed eUICC. This means that a physical SIM card and an eSIM profile can be used as a dual SIM at the same time.
A dual eSIM smartphone is only available with the eSIM.me card. The SIM card slot is equipped with the eSIM.me card. The eSIM.me Card can be managed as usual using the eSIM.me APP. The ex-factory eSIM-compatible smartphone thus has a fully functional dual eSIM functionality.
In this scenario, I can equip my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G with a function that it did not have at the factory. I can also enjoy all the advantages of the eSIM and still use my back-up mobile phone for special occasions (club tours, outdoor activities, festivals, etc.) as I am used to and thus protect my S21.
Turn your dual SIM eSIM smartphone into a dual eSIM smartphone with the help of the eSIM.me card!

List of potential dual eSIM smartphones:
•    Google Pixel 5
•    Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL
•    Google Pixel 3a and  Pixel 3a XL
•    Google Pixel 3 and  Pixel 3 XL
•    Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and  Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G
•    Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and  Galaxy S20 Ultra
•    Samsung Galaxy Fold
•    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
•    Huawei P40 (with Android), Huawei P40 Pro (with Android)

1.7    read function - program your own SIM card

For the time being, the eSIM.me card can only be written to and managed by smartphones that use Android 7 or a newer version. Although this includes more than half of the smartphones used worldwide, it also excludes some end devices, such as iPhones and older smartphones and cell phones.
In fact, however, every mobile radio terminal can read a written eSIM.me card. This means that you only need a corresponding smartphone in your own environment to be able to write on your own eSIM.me card. Parents can equip their children's older smartphones with eSIM.me cards and write on them with their own smartphones. Your own cell phone collection can be reactivated again and again and equipped with the latest tariffs in real time, as long as a smartphone is available that can write to the eSIM.me cards.
The data carrier is always the eSIM.me card alone. The eSIM.me APP only reads the eSIM profile that is saved and selected on the eSIM.me card.
The eSIM.me Card thus offers its users the option of using their own mobile phones independently of the further development of the telecommunications industry.
The eSIM.me card guarantees the highest possible degree of autonomy and flexibility in terms of mobile communications in the long term.

Convince yourself of the absolute innovation of the eSIM.me Card and discover its superior redesign of the eSIM technology.
Upgrade your Android smartphone to eSIM!
Or reach the new technology heaven with dual eSIM!
And make sure that you will be able to use all of your phones forever.

Order your eSIM.me card!

Credits for the blog head image Katerina Limpitsouni