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Kodak for Kodak devices in April 2023

Buy an Card to add eSIM functionality to your Kodak.

Kodak Kodak_D40

Kodak Card for Kodak  Kodak_D40
Equip your Kodak Kodak_D40 smartphone with the Card and start downloading eSIM profiles online! Check compatibility Download the free APP from the Playstore to verify compatibily of your very own Kodak Kodak_D40 . Then simply insert the Card in the SI..
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All you need to know
Browse our knowledge base and take off into the eSIM world.

An eSIM is a SIM Card, permanently embedded into new smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Physical SIM Cards are replaced by "Virtual SIM Cards", called eSIM profiles, that can be downloaded from the internet.

The Card is a new technology that makes your existing smartphone compatible with eSIM.

Yes, the APP is absolutely free. We recommend you to download it from Playstore and check if your device is compatible with before you order an card.

To find out whether your Android smartphone can be equipped with eSIM compatibility:

Please download the APP from the Google Playstore under

At launch, the APP will check if your device is compatible or not and if compatible, which SIM card slots are supported.

If it is compatible, you can buy this Card.

In some cases, it may not yet be compatible but a Software update may provide compatibility, so check if an Android Software update is available for your device.


On Android 13, NEVER disable the SIM Slot that holds the Card
Doing so will render the currently active eSIM profile to be not available!

From Android 11 and newer, Android assigns a CardID to every SIM card inserted in the phone and “remembers” what the setting of that SIM card was, including its status (Enabled/Disabled).

Android OS 13 can handle eSIM profiles. As eSIM Profiles are "digital" version of a SIM Card, they also get an CardID assigned.
So each eSIM profile gets its CardID, including its status.

When you (think to) disable a SIM Slot, what actually Android does is to set the status of that CardID to "disabled".

Unfortunately, Android is then unable to set the status back to "enabled" again. This is an Android BUG.

So it will remember it was disabled and you will not be able to access that CardID, eSIM Profile.

You have the following options:

a) Install new eSIM profiles or switch to installed eSIM profiles.
ONLY use the APP to enable/disable an eSIM Profiles.

As long as you do not set them to "disabled" in the system settings, by (thinking to) disabling the SIM Slot, they will work.

b) Reset your phone to factory settings, that will clear the “list” of the statuses of the CardIDs.

c) If your phone is rooted, you can follow this guideline a user created, to manually enable the SIM cards in the Android list:

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