2    eSIM.me Advantages

The new global SIM standard of eSIM and the associated technological possibilities deliver all owners of eSIM-compatible end devices many groundbreaking advantages!
Our eSIM.me card increases the number of eSIM-compatible smartphones by leaps and bounds and thus accelerates the transition into the eSIM era enormously! This has positive consequences for all of us, because our planet benefits from the eSIM.me Card! However, we benefit most personally when traveling and at home from completely new possibilities in terms of network quality and mobile communications costs.

2.1    Environment

We support the initiative of many mobile network operators to introduce an eco-rating for new smartphone models. One thing is clear, however: the most environmentally friendly smartphone is what no longer needs to be produced, i.e. what you are already using!
In addition, the digital character of eSIM technology is fundamentally more environmentally friendly than the still dominant standard of the physical SIM card. The eSIM.me Card is the driver of these positive developments!

2.1.1    Extending the lifespan of smartphones

The eSIM.me card makes it possible to use current smartphones even if there are no longer any physical SIM cards. It is a done deal that this scenario will materialize.
The eSIM.me card saves conventional cell phones without eSIM compatibility into the upcoming eSIM-only age and impresses as an intuitive plug & play solution. Due to the form factor of a regular SIM card, it fits into the SIM card slot of all known cell phones and enables those phones to be at least able to read eSIM profiles.
Please do not buy a new smartphone just because you absolutely want to enjoy the advantages of eSIM technology. Do your green conscience a favor and upgrade your mobile phone to 100% eSIM compatibility with the eSIM.me card.
In order for a mobile phone to be able to write eSIM profiles on an eSIM.me card, it needs an Android version from Android 7.
Since the sustainability aspect of the eSIM.me card is particularly important to us, we will always do everything we can to ensure that our solution also and above all works with smartphones that are as old as possible.

2.1.2    No more physical SIM cards

Every single SIM card is made from plastic and rare metals. These are both non-renewable raw materials that generate CO2 emissions in extraction and production and are difficult to recycle.
In the life of a cost-conscious person who regularly changes wireless service providers to get the best deal, there are quite a few SIM cards that come together. Every time you travel to another country where you buy a local SIM card in order to save roaming costs, this SIM card must have been produced beforehand.
The eSIM.me card must also be produced physically. However, it replaces all physical SIM cards that you will ever buy. And you already know that you can keep your existing smartphone… ;-)
Please help us to replace this single-use SIM card system by purchasing the eSIM.me card and from then on only buying eSIM profiles - no more physical SIM cards.

2.1.3    eSIM-Technology reduces CO2-Emissions

A physical SIM card must be physically delivered. Either you go to a shop and buy the SIM card on site or it is sent to you. In both cases, someone has to cover a distance. Before that, however, the SIM card had come a long way: from the production site in the Far East to the warehouse of the cellular network operator. And before that, the raw materials used to produce the SIM card also made their way to the SIM card factory. CO2 emissions occur in all of these ways. We want and can change that together with you.
The eSIM technology and the associated complete digitalization of all of these processes reduce CO2 emissions to almost zero. Nothing is physically produced or transported.
Let your eSIM.me card be the last physical SIM data carrier that is being transported around the planet because of you and enter the eSIM age!

2.2    Travelling

We've all probably been annoyed by a high mobile phone bill abroad: Roaming can be really expensive - every minute you call or sent SMS costs a small fortune.
n the meantime, many travelers have adapted their usage behavior as digital natives or digital immigrants: With a local SIM card, data connectivity is provided for the usual messenger and other over-the-top applications, e.g. in the social media area, so that the The latest experiences can be shared with your own network and you don't have to wait for the W-LAN in the hotel.
And this is where the new challenges begin.
What follows is a fictional story by Travis Traveldude. [Translation: Choose a surname which begins with “travel…” in your language. The prename should be quite common for a person in the thirties and should form an alliteration together with the surname.]

2.2.1    Local SIM- card on site

Many will know it: You longingly reach your holiday destination and first look for a mobile phone shop on site to purchase a local SIM card. The holiday starts with stress - you want to be everywhere: on the beach, at the pool, at the bar, right in the city and soak up the foreign atmosphere there or on the ski slopes - the main thing is not in the small mobile phone shop at the airport, where one is currently.
You may actually speak the national language, but the right vocabulary for pre-paid SIM cards with the desired data volume and the desired duration is somehow not that easy. And you don't understand the seller as well as you would have expected. Or you only speak English yourself and the seller opposite does that only theoretically.  
After a partly successful agreement, you convert the offer received into your own currency. Is that cheap now? Compared to what? How much do I actually pay per gigabyte at home? Should this actually be more expensive or cheaper?
Oh, that doesn't matter now: I have no comparison anyway and it all takes far too long here! I finally want to go to the hotel and post a selfie by the pool.
Of course, the offer you receive is usually much cheaper than the alternative of roaming, but somehow the feeling remains that you could have saved even more money - tourists are always ripped off.
Now I replace the SIM cards and keep the home SIM card in a safe place so that it gets not lost or damaged. Fortunately, I thought of the eject pin (needle to open the SIM card slot) and can now start the fiddly work.
For the start of the vacation, it was all rather stressful and uncomfortable. Well, it doesn't matter, now I have it behind me and can begin with the transfiguration: it was actually an interesting experience…?

2.2.2    Having the local SIM card delivered to your home before your vacation

Okay, this time I want to be able to enjoy the vacation from the first second. That's why I plan everything a little more precisely and further in advance and have decided to have a local SIM card sent to me in advance by post. It takes a few days, but I can take my time to compare the individual offers and relax from my couch to decide which offer suits me best!


Wait a minute, what is this eSIM?! It's much cheaper than normal SIM cards! And has no delivery time? What, my smartphone doesn't support this? What?? A smartphone that is acceptable to me and that is eSIM compatible costs at least € 400? I bought my Galaxy S10 for € 800 only a year ago and am actually very satisfied with the device ... And if I go on vacation now, my carbon footprint is big enough – still buying a new cell phone now ...? On the other hand, I would like to travel a little more now after the pandemic and then it would be worth it ...
Perhaps there is another solution to get this eSIM.

[go to: eSIM.me]

Wow, this eSIM.me card is exactly what I'm looking for. It's unbelievable what it can do! What??? An eSIM.me card costs <30$ ????

Nobrainer. Bought. Is that awesome! I love eSIM.me.

2.2.3    eSIM is the present and the future

The eSIM makes telecommunications easier and cheaper when traveling. There is no question about it: the benefits are huge and real. However, the technology is still in its infancy and is just beginning to take hold.
Unfortunately, only a few smartphones have already installed this technology and these are very expensive to buy because many inexpensive smartphones that are new to the market still do not have an eSIM chip installed.
On the other hand, many mobile network operators in the top holiday destinations do not yet offer eSIM profiles because the local population cannot or does not want to afford these expensive smartphones and the potentially deliverable market is therefore very clear. Actually only tourists are considered as customers at the moment here.
We are changing that holistically! With the eSIM.me Card everyone can afford immediate entry into the eSIM age. You can also buy all the eSIM profiles you need right here, in the eSIM.me Store: For your next trip and all those which will come after it!
Order your own eSIM.me Card today and enjoy all the advantages of eSIM technology right away! You will love it … ;-)

2.3    Quality/Costs

In many countries around the world, oligopolies shape the mobile communications market. Often these market structures then prevent real competition in the relevant markets and the respective legislators, who theoretically have the power to change this, cannot or do not want to.
As a result, the customer pays too high a price for poor quality. Many customers do not notice this, because a familiar comparison is crucial for perception and this usually only takes place within their own country. There are no major differences there, however, because the oligopoly acts, whether actively agreed or not, somewhat like a monopoly - for its own benefit and to the detriment of consumers.
In fact, there are many countries in which there are virtually no dead spots. And there are also countries where 1 gigabyte of data costs less than $ 0.1 on average. Clever legislation and real competition make this possible in some places.

2.3.1    eSIM increases competition

With eSIM technology, I can download a new eSIM profile in seconds and change the network operator. I can save several eSIM profiles on one device and instantly switch between them with a click. For all the over-the-top services (OTTs) I only need one data connection anyway.
The introduction of the eSIM.me Card and the associated sudden increase in eSIM users worldwide will have the effect of a competitive shock on the mobile network operators. That can only be good for customers.

2.3.2    eSIM changes user behavior

With a physical SIM card, I have to decide: do I choose the best network? Or the cheapest network?
What does the best network actually mean? The best network for me personally varies a lot depending on where I am. What good is the objectively best network coverage if, at my current position, there is no reception in what is supposed to be the best network? My friend standing right next to me, however, has reception in his supposedly poorer network...
With the eSIM.me card I can have all networks at the same time: The best network is all networks at the same time!
I only use prepaid tariffs. In a network, probably the cheapest, I have my fixed cell phone number. I use the other networks when I have no reception or my data volume has been used up. In my over-the-top services (OTTs) I only use one number anyway.
Because I use all networks at the same time, I definitely have the best network. Because I use all of them in the prepaid model, I can make a different decision at any time and select the cheapest provider for the main load of my data consumption in real time.

2.3.3    eSIM.me Card = best eSIM

We are in a phase of transition from the physical SIM card to the eSIM. The eSIM.me Card is the perfect symbiosis of the old and the new SIM world. It combines the best from the past with the best from the future and forms a superior present!
The eSIM technology has numerous and great advantages over its predecessor. However, the eSIM chip is permanently installed in the smartphone. The eSIM profile is thus trapped in this device. I can use a simple SIM card, however, in another cell phone at any time.
But I don't want to go to concerts, clubs, festivals, fishing, camping or the beach with my expensive top smartphone. So do I have to buy a new SIM card now to protect the new smartphone? Oh no: all cell phones (regardless of age and manufacturer) can read the eSIM profile that I wrote on the eSIM.me card.
The eSIM.me Card is the easiest, best, most environmentally friendly and cheapest way to become part of the eSIM revolution. Simply order and plug & play. Not a new smartphone. No more roaming charges.